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Are you looking for cool, fun-addicting Minecraft-based games? At this site, we offer all players the Minecraft games category where you can find various games of different genres (shooting, adventure, mining and crafting, strategy, etc.) regarding the world of Minecraft easily. Generally, there are a lot of fun things for self-exploration in our game site…come on!

What are Minecraft games?

Minecraft Mini Games List

All of the Minecraft games here are mainly inspired by the hit, Minecraft, an open-ended sandbox game created by Notch in 2009. Although the graphics are pretty the same, from 2D visual style to 3D textures, the gameplay is different. Aside from the classic you already knew, these Minecraft mini games also add fun and refreshing features, pleasing the players.

You always want to make your own world in the popular Minecraft online game but have no chance yet? With Minecraft mini games list, your dream will come true. Choose your most preferred game from our great collection of over 50 newest as well as top-rated Minecraft games and savor. Various interesting genres to discover – you can make a wonderful adventure through a fantastic virtual pixel world, create different buildings, fight against evil mobs, etc.

In the following, Minecraft Games introduces you top 4 most-played Minecraft mini games online. Have a look:

  • Tronic Worlds

This 3D pixel-styled graphic game gives players an opportunity to generate a splendid world in the Minecraft-inspired world. Take your time to explore the neon place here full of terrific, nice scenes. You are given two primary tools for the mining and crafting process – an axe and a spatula. Make use of your artful hands and imagination to create the most marvelous structures.

How fabulous is your visual world? Give Tronic Worlds a chance!

  • ZombieCraft

Get ready to face against hordes of evil zombies? If yes, then travel to the Minecraft world now and take action! Your supreme duty here, in each level, is to defeat at least 50 horrible monsters. Make use of the diamond sword to approach and attack enemies, conquering all battles. Zombies can be everywhere so be very careful. Kill as many bloodthirsty dudes as possible for an impressive experience score.

Jump into ZombieCraft and put your fighting skills on the test!

  • Zumbi Blocks 3D
Zombie Blocks 3D Game

Next is a fighting game mixed with Minecraft, Zumbi Blocks 3D. In this game, you’ll take the role as Steve and quickly participate in a shooting battle against an army of Minecraft zombies. In order to defeat those frightening enemies, equip yourself with a powerful gun. Move around the game map to determine zombies’ location – once spotting any of them, simply release your trigger. Don’t hesitate to get power-ups from the Shop to upgrade your fighting ability.

  • Minecraft Creeper Diamond

This is a fun Minecraft adventure game in which you will help a little creeper reach a room full of diamond. But firstly, it must go through a dark cavern successfully. There are many dangers inside such as lava, pitfalls, sliding platforms and more. Give the creeper a hand so that it can access the diamond place easily.

Never let your creeper fall into the lava. Play this game here!

In general, not only the above games, but you are free to enjoy all of our awesome free Minecraft mini games online at the Minecraft Games site. Have a good time here!

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