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Last active: 2015-05-19, 20:19   Game plays: 1   Game ratings: 4   Game comments: 4
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Sorry, but crappy graphics and Kingdom Rush clone does not make me want to play this. You even stole the exploding livestock. Obviously you have talent. Make your game unique.
No argument, this thing needs a cleaning badly - clutter gets ridiculous. Also, can't mexican zombies defend themselves?
Targa's pet should have his own respawn time because if the pet dies and Targa is still alive the pet would never respawn unless Targa dies and then respawn.
One big problem...I don't understand how the weapons target the enemies. I've made it to level 15 on the last stage 10 times, only to watch my weapons completely skip attacking the enemies who are destroying my HQ. Instead, they're attacking emeies who have no chance of making it to my HQ. Frustrating.
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