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Minecraft 2D Online
Overall rating:2.8 based on 9988 ratings.
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Game info
Minecraft 2D Online
381916 plays
Date added: 2012-11-15
Description: A yellow guy in Minecraft 2D is discovering the world of Minecraft by taking a smaller world that is Minecraft 2D game. This guy only has some basic magic. It can use Letter Keys from Z to M with Left Click to create materials useful for building. Sand that seems double each time is a mixture of N and Left Click. Glass comes when B combines with Left Click. TNT needed improving is formed by M with Left Click. Combining V with Left Click makes bricks. Z and Left Click are wood. C with Left Click form stones. Players’ imagination is free from any daily regulations.
Instructions: Minecraft 2D is controlled with the mouse and Letter Keys.
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  • avatar
    migueldaniels (36) - 2015-06-24, 02:11
    Wow! that is amazing. I can build wonderful structures i love here. Gain more cool games like this here on http://2dminecraft.com/

  • avatar
    minecraftgameonline (97) - 2015-02-23, 20:35
    i made a really good house

  • avatar
    creeper9999 (2527) - 2014-10-01, 20:56
    very bad for everyone

  • avatar
    creeper9999 (2527) - 2014-10-01, 20:53
    consady don't read sucking tags

  • avatar
    creeper9999 (2527) - 2014-10-01, 20:51
    oh he's yellow not green and hard,even no idea what to do even.

  • avatar
    creeper9999 (2527) - 2014-10-01, 20:49
    no idea what it's name realy is

  • avatar
    creeper9999 (2527) - 2014-10-01, 15:09
    realy got to exblane how good same two games of green steve.by the<br /> way hero brine gliched me to level 3.hey also i played this before i was loged in. i liked you all before i logged in.

  • avatar
    creeper9999 (2527) - 2014-10-01, 15:02
    like pc minecraft!

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