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Last active: 2020-08-22, 09:25   Game plays: 63   Game ratings: 3   Game comments: 59
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hvgv? enderman? sky? I wonder if you lot will ever see this message
I might come back to this website as a different person, as my friend also likes this game :I also, if I rejoin, you will never know that it is me as i will make a new account and never mention anything.... goodbye... ;(
Hey guys, i'm just here to say, like skyfan, I am also quitting :( yew are all awesome!! ;( goodbye
Well, not a lets-play, but just some videos.. :)
Game: Minerbot
FIRST!!!!! you haven't called it, so i'm first cos I called it :)
Guys im doing a lets play on this game!! :D
I had some budder this morning, YAY!! :)
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