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Mine Blocks 1.25
Overall rating:4.4 based on 15492 ratings.
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Game info
Mine Blocks 1.25
353867 plays
Date added: 2013-07-10
Description: “Mine Blocks 1.25” is a Minecraft adventure game, and it is the next version of the game “Mine Blocks”. Game’s owner is Zanzlanz who is a loyal Minecraft fan. There are many beasts in the small 2D world. A character has alone in this world. Your mission is mining a lot of resources that are wood, sapling, diamond, gold ore, bedrock, dirt, rock, coal, apple, orange, sand, etc. Then you need to use the “simple crafting recipe” to craft some things such as wooden planks, torch, stone shovel, stone hoe, and other anything. This version added more characteristics such as new achievement system, carrots, potatoes, caramel, candy apples, new explosion particles, the ender, ender dragon boss, skyholds, endermen, blazes, armor bar, gold armor, iron doors, wooden pressure plate, and other things. Good luck!
Instructions: Use the left mouse for mining, building, and crafting.
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  • avatar
    Ender13 (719) - 2014-04-11, 20:03
    I might come back to this website as a different person, as my friend also likes this game :I also, if I rejoin, you will never know that it is me as i will make a new account and never mention anything.... goodbye... ;(

  • avatar
    Evil Wolf Girl (90) - 2014-04-10, 22:37
    Umm okay let's at least not battle who is the real skydoesminecraft over the comments. Mkai?

  • avatar
    skyfan (930) - 2014-04-10, 13:26
    nah i am you bitch

  • avatar
    skythekidrpmx (2716) - 2014-04-07, 18:04
    no ur not im..im..ACTUALY SKYDOSMINECRAFT!nowyou know

  • avatar
    skyfan (930) - 2014-04-05, 16:36
    I quited because i dont get time to be here because i am skydoesmincraft

  • avatar
    Ender13 (719) - 2014-04-05, 05:36
    Hey guys, i'm just here to say, like skyfan, I am also quitting :( yew are all awesome!! ;( goodbye

  • avatar
    enderman935 (2938) - 2014-04-03, 13:52
    Wuz up hvgv?

  • avatar
    hvgv (2380) - 2014-04-01, 11:52
    finnaly back

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